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Excellence Persevered

Mark Jerrell is a long-time resident of Mecklenburg County and District 4. He is a proud husband and father of two girls who he refers to as his "pride" and "joy". His family, particularly his wife Whitney, have been the primary source of inspiration and motivation behind his community service efforts.







Mark was raised by a strong mother who as a single parent is responsible for instilling in him the values of faith, family and service. Mark is a community leader, advocate of political and social activism and is committed to building bridges and breaking down barriers for our most vulnerable citizens. Mark is a proud veteran, having served in the United States Army Reserve and the  North Carolina Army National Guard. He is an active member of his church, Weeping Willow AME Zion, where he serves as a trustee and utilizes his faith as the primary source of motivation for the goal of making a better community for all citizens.

Mark has always been dedicated to service and adds value to the community through advocacy, education and service. He is actively engaged in voter education efforts as a featured speaker at many churches and organizations throughout the community. Mark is the host of a weekly podcast called Hipolitix and provides commentary on political and social issues as well as on local community issues.

Mark is an Executive Committee member of the BPC and has served as Chair of the Get Out The Vote (GOTV) and Legislative Committees. He was instrumental in the development of a scorecard to ensure accountability among local elected officials. Mark most recently served as the Co-Chair of the Economic Development Committee and continues to champion the cause of ensuring locally owned small businesses have access to information, and more importantly, the resources needed to grow and be competitive in a global marketplace.

Mark is not a new comer to the political process and has worked as the campaign manager and consultant for a myriad of elected officials to include, Judicial, City Council, County Commission and Congressional campaigns. In addition to championing causes related to small business, he has been a vocal proponent of supporting seniors, students and single parents. As someone who was raised by a single mother, Mark is determined to ensure that resources such as, childcare, quality education, healthcare and mental health services are readily accessible for our most vulnerable and marginalized citizens.

Professionally, Mark has worked for several fortune 500 companies as an Operations Manager and currently runs a Speech Therapy company with his sister. They have 3 locations and serve 21 counties throughout North Carolina, where the primary focus is to improve the lives of our children and families. Mark holds Bachelor's degree in Political Science and an M.B.A.