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Commissioner Jerrell is deeply committed to supporting our community's most valuable citizens

Support for Our Seniors

Our most vulnerable populations continue to be seniors (65 and older), children less than 5 years of age, the homeless, disabled and those with limited English proficiency.


These groups continue to be our most vulnerable due to the lack of integration into critical community resources, as a result of, economic, cultural and/or geographic factors. It is imperative that our most vulnerable are adequately supported with integration into the community through information and access to resources and services provided by Mecklenburg County.

The Stakes are High


  • I will bring quantifiable improvement to our seniors’ quality of life by working collaboratively with external partners and organizations whose primary mission is to support our seniors.

  • I will improve access to county services such as the Senior Nutrition Program, Living Assistance Program, Financial Assistance Program, and Adult Social Services for those most in need.​

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