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Happy Family

Access to resources and information you need to ensure your family's future success


Mecklenburg County has many resources to assist and support single parents and families, with a few of those agencies right here in District 4. The problem is due to the lack of access to information and resources such as the internet, many in our community do not know that these resources exist. Mecklenburg County, through a non-profit called the Charlotte Area Fund, offers a wide variety of assistance in support of housing, nutrition, employment, education, and individual case management based on a families’ needs.

  • I will work with community partners to connect single parents in District 4 to valuable resources that will assist them in addressing essential needs such as affordable housing.

  • I will work to invite District 4 parents to periodic town halls to stay abreast of specific challenges they encounter on a daily basis so that I can assist in finding solutions.

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